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Mild Bill's Spices & Gunpowder Foods have been synonymous with championship chili for over 15 years. We offer the freshest spices available - nothing is prepackaged & our spices are kept in a temperature controlled environment. All of our individual spices have a package date so you can rest assured you are getting the freshest spices available. Whether you are looking for quality ingredients for your own recipe, or want to cook one of the featured championship recipes on our website, we have everything you need. We offer individual spices as well as packaged mixes that will ensure that you cook a winning and authentic bowl of Texas Red. Gunpowder Foods & Mild Bill's Spices strive to provide top notch ingredients along with the trusted knowledge of our very own Spice Queen, Kelly Brignon. Mild Bill's is a proud Go Texan member.

Want to Cook Competition Chili AND Win? You Need Mild Bill's!

Mild Bill's Spices is the home of the 2019 OTICC, TICC & ICS Red, Verde, Veggie & Homestyle Champions as well as the 2019 World Food Open Chili Champion.  Champion Chili Starts with Mild Bill's Spices!

2019 TICC Chili Champion Kathryn Cavender

2019 OTICC Chili Champion Vicki Sanders

2019 ICS Red Chili World Champion Diane Lentz

Rocky Julianelle 2019 World Food Champion - Open Chili

Turning it Green in 2019!

2019 OTICC Friday Winners

2019 OTICC Saturday Winners

2019 TICC Saturday Winners

Green Chili in 2021!

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