Diane Lentz 2019 ICS Red Championship Chili Recipe


3 pounds beef tri tip, cubed
Canola Oil
14.5 oz can Swanson’s Chicken Broth
14.5 oz can Swanson’s Beef Broth
2 oz boneless pork rib piece
1 jalapeño floater
10.75 oz can Hunt’s Tomato Puree
½ Tablespoon Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar
½ Tablespoon brown sugar
1 packet (1½ teaspoons) Sazon Goya with annatto
Lime juice, optional

1st Spice mix:
1 Tablespoon Ancho Chili Powder
1½ Tablespoons Mild Bill’s San Antonio Chili Powder

2nd Spice mix:
½ Tablespoon Mild Bill’s Paprika
½-1 teaspoon Penderys Red Pepper
3½ Tablespoons Mild Bill’s San Antonio Chili Powder
4 Tablespoons Stewart’s Reno Red Chili Powder
2 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon Mild Bill’s Onion Powder
2 teaspoons Mild Bill’s Garlic Powder
3 Tablespoons Penderys Cumin
Combine all ingredients of the 2nd spice mix and remove 2½ Tablespoons of mixture (this will be your finishing 3rd spice mix.)


Combine chicken broth, beef broth, pork piece, jalapeño floater and 1st spice mix in chili pot and warm it up. Gray your cubed meat in 3 batches in small amount of canola oil. Drain, rinse with water and add to your pot. Cook mixture until meat becomes tender (about 1- 1½ hours). Cooking times may vary so check your meat after 1 hour and every 20 minutes after that.

Remove pork piece and add four Tablespoons of 2nd spice mix. About 1 hour before turn-in add the rest of 2nd spice mix along with vinegar and Sazon Goya. Keep mixture at a low bubble boil, this blends the flavors of the spices without cooking them out.

Add the last finishing spice dump 30 minutes before turn-in. Check your salt level and the liquid amount (too thick or too thin?). Make any necessary adjustments. Pop it with a squirt of fresh lime juice - optional.