2021 Nathan Gramm ICS Veggie Championship Recipe


Spice Mix: (All Spices from Mild Bills)
2 t Paprika
5 T Chili Powder
½ T Onion Powder
½ T Garlic Powder

Cumin Mix:
1 T Cumin
1 t Salt
½ pkt Sazon Goya
1/8 t red jalapeno

1 t Better Than Bouillon “No Chicken” Base
2 t Better Than Bouillon “No Beef” Base
20 oz Water
10 oz tomato sauce

Meat Substitute:
1 lb “Impossible” Plant Based Burger
¾ lb “Impossible” Plant Based Sausage

Vegetables – chop all:
1 oz green bell pepper
1 oz red bell pepper
2 oz sweet onion
2 oz orange bell pepper
2 oz yellow bell pepper
2 oz pickled jalapeno
2 oz roma tomato
2 oz dill pickle

1 -14 oz can of Bush’s Chili Beans, rinsed and drained

Brown sugar
Crystal Hot Sauce


Mix the Spice Mix ingredients together and separate into 4 “dumps”. Combine all the Cumin Mix ingredients and set aside. Sauce should be combined and set aside as well.
To a large pot add 2 cups of the sauce followed by the first “dump” and cook for 45 minutes. Add the 2nd “dump” with 2/3 cup of sauce and simmer for 45 minutes
While sauce is simmering, sauté the meat substitutes being sure to separate it into bite size pieces. Add to the pot and mix well.
Add “dump” 3 and 2/3 cup of sauce, simmer for 30 minutes. Add all the chopped veggies and simmer another 15 minutes before adding “dump” 4 and remaining sauce. Continue to simmer for 30 minutes, add the cumin mix and in 15 minutes add the can of Bush Beans.
Adjust to taste using salt, brown sugar, cumin and Crystal Hot Sauce