Tolbert Texas State CCO & BBQ Championship Info & Rules

Tolbert Chili Rules:

Tolbert BBQ Rules:

Tolbert Texas State Chili Championship BBQ Rules:

• Age Limit: All Head Cooks must be at least 18 years of age.

• Cooked On Site: All meat will be brought to cooking site RAW! No Pre-Marinating, Presoaking, or Prespicing prior to registration. Meat will be prepared on site and from scratch. NO meat will be allowed to leave cook off site/area. Meat is subject to inspection by judging committee or head judge.

• Turn In Times: Turn In Times shall be posted on site and will be given to head cooks at registration. Head judge can make a change in turn in times by an hour and a half increments if the number of cooks is larger than 50.

• All Categories will have a 20-minute window for Turn In, 10 minutes before to 10 minutes after the stated turn in times. Do not add anything to the product once it is in the tray.

• Chicken: Cook’s will turn in one half of a whole chicken, meat side up, not dis-jointed containing skin, breast portion, leg, thigh & wing (with or without wing tip). Cornish Game Hens will be disqualified.

• Pork Spare Ribs: Cook’s will turn in seven (7) individual pork spare ribs, meat side up and bones pointing the same direction. St Louis style trim is allowed. Starting at the hinge of the lid, place the ribs parallel to the hinge working you way forward until the bottom is filled. Start a top row at the hinge, placing the ribs directly on top of the bottom row. Baby Back Ribs will be disqualified.

• Brisket: Cook’s will turn in seven (7) full slices, approximately 1/4-to-3/8-inch thick, full slices, with the ends of the brisket intact. Starting from the hinge of the lid, place the slices parallel to the hinge working your way forward. If sliced to thick or to thin the cook will be required to correct it.

• No Head Cook will be allowed to cut off another head cooks meat and turn in it for judging. They must turn in their own prepared meat and not touch another cooks meat. This is grounds for disqualification. Page 1Tolbert Texas State Chili Championship BBQ Rules:

• Pits & Entries Per Pit: There will only be one head cook per pit. Pit will be any commercial or homemade, trailered, or un-trailered pit or smoker. All fires for cooking meat must be wood or wood products (Charcoal). NO GAS OR ELECTRIC SMOKERS/PITS or PELLET GRILLS/SMOKERS.

• Markers and Garnish: Cook’s may use sauce; however nothing may be added to the meat once it has been placed in tray. Nothing should be puddled in the tray. All garnishes of any type are prohibited.

• Disqualification: If a tray is found to be in violation it will be disqualified.

• Cooks Meeting: The Cooks Meeting will be held at the discretion of the Head Judge. Meetings are to be held by 9am of cook off day. Head Judge will go over rules. Head Cooks are encouraged to attend but not required. Any questions should be answered at this time to the Head Judge.

• Judging Format: All entries will be submitted in identical containers, a 13” x 9” for chicken and the meats in a 9”x9” hinged foam tray with a matched pair of numbered ticket affixed to tray with duct tape, a piece of foil for each container, which have been brought to the site by the head judge. Each Head Cook will be instructed to PRINT his/ her name in ink on the ticket when picking up trays. This ticket is used to match to the ticket on the winning box. Only the name written on the winning ticket will go on the winner’s sheet, by head judge. NO TICKET NO WIN!

• Judging: All trays accepted at turn in will be inspected for the correct thickness and quantities. All tray accepted will go to the judging table to be judged.

• Judges: It is the promoter’s responsibility to get all the judges seated at the table before the tray turn in begins. Tolbert Texas State Championship recommends (5) Judges per table. Head Cooks are prohibited from judging. The approved Tolbert Texas State Championship Judging Sheets are to be used. Judges will be instructed on how to pass the trays, fill out the score sheets. Pallet Cleansers are to be used in between judging each tray. Judges will be instructed on the correct use of the Knife & Fork, and the scoring process. There should be no more than (20) trays per table.