Mild Bill's Competition Chili Kit

Mild Bill's Competition Chili Kit

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Are you looking for a chili recipe and spices to help you win the next chili cook off you enter?  This chili kit is all you need to up your game.  Containing a proven recipe developed by our own Spice Mistress, this competition chili kit is the perfect introduction to a real pot of competition chili. There are plenty of spices for more than one batch so you'll have enough for multiple pots of chili.  The recipe included in this kit is a mild starter recipe that can be adjusted to suit your tastes.  Recipe and instructions included with purchase.  In addition to the spices contained in this chili kit, you will also need the following:

2 lbs coarse grind chili meat or 80/20 ground chuck

2 Serrano peppers

1 8 oz can of tomato sauce

1 14.5 can each of beef and chicken broth

1/4 tsp salt

1 pkg of Sazon Goya (the orange and pink box that says Coriander and Annatto)

2 tsp each of Knorr Beef and Chicken granules

(Sazon Goya and Knorr Beef and Chicken granules can be found on the Essential Spices page of our website)